Fossil Preparation

Fossility offers a preparation service on a professional museum standard.
We are specialized in high-quality preparation techniques according to the latest state of the art.
Under the direction of Johannes Jeute, who was trained as a preparator in the Seckenberg-Museum Frankfurt / Main our team works in the fields of fossil preparation, restoration, supplementation, skeleton-assembly, mold making and casting production.

All necessary tools are available in our preparation workshop.
This includes an industrial screw compressor with a cool drying system for the sufficient compressed air supply at several workstations.
Three different suction systems always ensure the removal of dust or gases that are generated during the work.
A hydraulic lifting table also allows us to prepare heavy objects at an optimum working height.

With a large selection of air tools, especially compressed air chisels, Air Abrader, Micro air scribes, so a gentle and efficient tool is available for each fossil and corresponding matrix.
Three different blasting machines are available for the sandblasting, which can be used with different blasting medias.

For the fine work we have two surgical microscopes from Carl Zeiss, as they are also used in micro-surgery. A vacuum layer allows the impregnation and hardening of fossil material with various curing agents such as, various synthetic resins, acrylic resins, Polyethyleneglycol PEG, Paraloid B72, Cyanoacylates, etc.

A preparation protocol and a photo documentation is made for each fossil.

We are in close contact with scientists and other preparators and regularly take part in further training events such as the annual preparators meetings of the VDP Association of German Preparators.

You can see some preparation- examples under the points projects and in the gallery.