My Philosophy

Always and everything as good as I can

Since my youth, I am excited and fascinated by nature and her beauty. This is why I chose the profession of a preparator, in order to preserve the beauty of nature and to show other people. To be the first to see fossils that have been preserved in the rocks for hundreds of millions of years and to prepare them, requires a lot of skill and understanding of nature.

The greatest artistic example and teacher for me is nature with its art and beauty.

For me, working with nature is an AR-T-istic activity.

According to the words of Albert Einstein: „Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better“

So it was natural for me with my love of nature and art, to combine nature with my ideas and using the state-of-art techniques to prepare fossils on high standard and develop a new art form.

This merging of art and technology has led me and my team to create fossil replicas AR-T-ificales with precious natural minerals such as gold, silver, bronze and other leaf metals.

Work and preparation history

Here is a brief overview of my professional career:

  • Education towards becoming a museum technician at the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Frankfurt / Main Germany
  • Training as a zoological preparator in the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt / Main Germany
  • Training as a paleontological preparator in the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt / Main
  • Chief preparator in the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt / Main / Germany / Section Messel
  • Construction of the preparation lab in Messel
  • Technical management in the Messel Pit
  • Manager and leader of the preparation team and preparation of the fossils for the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History / Frankfurt / Germany
  • Since 1982 independent as a preparater, photographer and artist, active in Völkenroth near Frankfurt / Main / Germany
  • Since 1999 in Estepona / Spain/ Working with a great team, focusing on fossil preparation, supplements of fossils, fossil mounting, restoration, mould making, casting production and art objects for museums and research institutes, fossil traders, collectors and private individuals.


Some Museums and Institutes where you can see our works:

  • Exhibition Center Lokschuppen Rosenheim / Germany
  • Hunsrückmuseum Simmern / Germany /
  • Muséum Histoire Naturelle Lyon / France
  • Museum Human and Nature Munich / Germany
  • Museum of Local History Messel / Germany
  • Museum of Natural History Coburg / Germany
  • Museum Wiebaden / Hessisches Landesmuseum for Art and Nature / Wiesbaden / Germany
  • Museum of Natural History and Archaeology / University Trondheim / Norway
  • Museum of Natural History Stuttgart / Germany
  • Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Frankfurt/Main / Germany
  • Red Gallery Hamburg / Germany
  • Royal Belgian Museum and Institute of Natural Science Brussels / Belgium
  • Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich / Switzerland
  • And others…. also private collectors and fossil-traders

Prepareted Fossils


Hours of Work Experience

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Fossils found


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