Original Messel Pit Fossils

The Messel Pit belongs to the most important fossil sites in the world.

Professional preparated original fossils in meseumquality.

The Messel Pit natural monument has now been declared in a World Heritage Site and has been included in the World Heritage List in 1995.

The Messel site is today under strict protection. New fossils came no longer on the market. All the fossils here are from old collections.

Project description

Due to the transience of the oil shale (oil shale can not be preserved and disintegrates on drying), most Messel fossils are prepared using the so-called transfer method.

In doing so, one side of the fossil is first uncovered and then a layer of liquid resin is applied. After curing, the fossil is cleared from the other side and the oil slate is completely removed.

By this method, which is used for almost all fossils from the Messel pit, the valuable pieces are permanently preserved. Usually, the resin-plate is finally colored in the oil slate colors.