Casting of a slate-tunnel in a old slate mine

The Hunsrück is a middle mountainous region in Germany that was built in the Devon and thus belongs to the oldest mountains in Germany.

The mountain range belonging to the Rheinish Slate Mountains consists mainly of schist, which was mined until the 1950 s. This slate was used to roof and facade cover.
In the Hunsrück Museum in Simmern / Germany, a tunnel of a slate mine was to be depicted.
Thus we were given the order to cast a part of a slate tunnel and to build up in the museum facility.

Project description

The selected section had a length of approximately 4 meters and a height of 2.5 meters.
In a shut-down slate mine the desired area was formed with silicone, by us. Because of the size of the mold and the complicated shapes of the tunnel wall, the support form for the silicone had to be divided into seven parts. Pictures 1-3
After the completion of the negative mold, the museum was used to create the positive casting of the tunnel walls in glass fiber reinforced lightweight construction made of acrylic mineral and colored in the shale colors. Pictures 4-6